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Episode · 3 weeks ago

Video Messages for Engagement w/ Gen Z Students & Families


We all have an internet connection with several high quality cameras within arm’s reach. The only thing keeping us from sending video communications is our human vulnerability.

Sending a personalized video message is a way to become more human and more real to the people we are trying to impact and serve. It creates a human-to-human connection far faster and stronger than the substandard, emotionally impoverished communication channels we’ve been relying on in higher ed.

In this episode, we speak with Ethan Beute , Chief Evangelist at BombBomb , about how higher ed can effectively use video to humanize and better engage with its target audiences.

Ethan chats with us about:

The philosophy behind why video communication strengthens human connection

Creating personalized videos and evergreen videos for broader audiences

Opportunities in higher ed to incorporate video messages

How video messages can bring tears to people’s eyes

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