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Episode 13 · 4 months ago

Campus Campaigns That Work: How to Include Donor Stories in Your Marketing


Earlier this year Kenyon College received a record-breaking $100 million gift from an anonymous donor.

Kenyon’s marketing department was then faced with the challenge of how to tell the story of this generous anonymous donor while also explaining why gifts at every level are important.

In this episode of The Higher Ed Marketer, Bart Caylor, President & Founder at Caylor Solutions Inc, and Troy Singer, Senior Account Executive at Think Patented, chat with Colleen Garland, Vice President for Advancement at Kenyon College and Janet Marsden, Vice President for Communications at Kenyon College, about how Kenyon shifted their campus experience marketing campaign to prospective students and prospective donors during the pandemic.

They also talked about:

- How they manage donor relationships

- How they adapted their campaign to COVID

- How they were able to produce videos without an internal team

Know of a higher education marketing change agent you’d like to hear on the show? Does your university have an interesting story to be featured? Connect with Bart Caylor or Troy Singer. If you’re not on LinkedIn, check the Caylor Solutions or Think Patented websites instead!
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