The Higher Ed Marketer
The Higher Ed Marketer

Episode 12 · 4 months ago

More Than Just Words: How Your Marketing Strategy Can Promote Equity


Those universities that prepared to go virtual and did it well are now reaping the benefits of the trust that they earned from parents and students.

What sets those schools apart from others?

In this episode of The Higher Ed Marketer, Bart Caylor, President & Founder at Caylor Solutions Inc, and Troy Singer, Senior Account Executive at Think Patented, chat with

Peter Ashley, Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing at Hanover College, about:

- How Hanover responded to the pandemic.

- How the marketing department addressed social justice.

- Hanover’s process for making marketing videos and the results.

- Tips for more relatable, entertaining, and educational video content.

Know of a higher education marketing change agent you’d like to hear on the show? Does your university have an interesting story to be featured? Connect with Bart Caylor or Troy Singer. If you’re not on LinkedIn, check the Caylor Solutions or Think Patented websites instead!
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