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The Higher Ed Marketer Origin Story


The Higher Ed Marketer explores the incredible accomplishments colleges and universities across the world see when creativity meets execution.

On today’s episode, Kelsey Kohrs, Producer at Sweet Fish Media, Bart Caylor, President & Founder at Caylor Solutions Inc, and Troy Singer, Senior Account Executive at Think Patented introduce The Higher Ed Marketer, a podcast dedicated to sharing university marketing stories that have led to success on and off campus. Episodes will feature:

- Things you can do to increase your university’s marketing effectiveness

- Actionable items you can take away from featured guests

- Energy and interesting ideas to get creative juices flowing!

Know of a higher education marketing change agent you’d like to hear on the show? Does your university have an interesting story to be featured? Connect with Bart Caylor or Troy Singer. If you’re not on LinkedIn, check the Caylor Solutions or Think Patented websites instead!

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Well, this might be a natural way forus to kind of do that and provide more content to those different people thatwe serve and that I have an interest in the same things that we do. This willgive us an opportunity to broadcast to the world some of the cool things thatthey can do. You are listening to the Higher EdMarketer, a podcast geared towards marketing professionals in highereducation. This show will tackle all sorts of questions related to Studen,recratment, donut relations, marketing, trans new technologies and so much more.If you are looking for conversation centered around where the industry isgoing, this podcast is for you, let's get into the show hello and welcome to the introductoryepisode of the Higher Ed Marketer. We are here today with host of the showBark Cayler and the other co host, troy singer, hows it going today guys it'sgoing well thanks for having us today, we're really excited about gettingstarted on this podcast and what it might bean for everyone. Yes, we'vebeen anticipating this Dave for a while... that it's here all smiles and readyto get it started. We are all smiles today and to give eryone a bit morecontext. My name is Kelsey Corus, I'm one of the producers of the show, andtoday we'll be talking about what you the listener can expect from thispodcast. But before we jump into that, can you tell me a little bit aboutyourselves? This is Bart, I'm a designer by background, but I'm a firstgeneration college student, and so that's one of the reasons why, when Iearly in my career got a chance to do some work with higher education, I kindof fell in love with it. I understood the difference that higher educationcould make it a person's life, and I've witnessed that with my wife and I bothour first and students, and so we really have fallen in love with highereducation, and I've really tried to focus my career on that and taking whatI've learned in the corporate world and applying that over to hiered. So that'sthat's. What gets me excited about a podcast like this? That is phenomenal.I am also a first generation college student, so very proud of that. Whatabout you, troy well I'll, make that through? I was a first year college,student or First Generation College...

...student as well. I have a background inprinting and marking an execution. The company I'm with brought me in becausethey have a wonderful solution regarding hierit and I have becomefriends with Bart about eight or nine months ago, and this idea came out ofus working together and I am super excited about it. That's professionally.Personally, I am an Advet Golfer and cross fitter. So that is a greatbackground of me, but I'm sure, as this podcast goes on, we'll be getting toknow much more about each other. Absolutely we have caler solution andthink patented who are the sponsors of this podcast? Can you guys tell me alittle bit about those sponsors? Let's start with you bart sure, I'm thepresident of Keo Solutions And we do a lot of work in higher Ed Marketing, gota very interesting model in the fact that we're a virtual company, and sowe've embraced Azoom well before zoom was kind of popular. We work withschools all around North America to... them with their enrollment andtheir advancement needs to get more students in the classrooms and moredonors donating money, and so we do that through marketing and strategy.And what about Youtri over at think patented anpatented overall is amarketing execution and printing company. Again, like I said before, wehave a solution for higher red and we take some of the strategy and marketingideas that companies like bark come up with and we execute them for collegesand universities, whether that's in the form of digital advertising, or itcould be printed media. But where Bart is the strategy we are. Theexecutionarm sounds like you, guys are two peas in a pod and it sounds likethis. PODCAST is going to be amazing. So tell me why you wanted to start thispodcast. I really wanted to start this podcast with the idea that we've beencalor solutions. We've been developing content for several years and weprobably have six years of blog content...

...that we have created and have beendoing that consistently for on a weekly basis for at least five of those years.We're hitting two three hundred different to blog post right now, andI'm really amazed at how much people are finding that. You know whether it'sthrough Google or search or Linkedon or social media, and have really alwayssaid Hey. I really really like the practical, pragmatic approach that youhave to a lot of the content, so the more that I thought about content, howto get more content out for higher ed marketers, the idea of a podcast andjust seeing the explosion that the podcast industry and that content realmhas become over the last couple years. It really seemed like the next step nin our content strategy with Choye background in some of his voice workand things like that. We thought well. This might be a natural way for us tokind of do that and provide more content to those different people thatwe serve and that I have an interest in the same things that we do absolutely,and I feel like this was the natural next step for a team. That's alreadybeen virtual and already aszoom professional before zoom got quoteunquote cool. So, as listeners are...

...tuning in each week, they're listeningto new episodes. What kind of topics can they expect to heare? Well, we'regoing to be interviewing some of the marketers that we come across. I willsay that I am a linked in lurker and I come across so many interesting andeffective marketers, whether it's through amissions or whether it'sthrough development departments. This will give us an opportunity tobroadcast to the world some of the cool things that they can do with the hopesof the people that listen to it will be able to get actionable items or atleast bur their creative juices, so they can apply them with theirinstitution. Speaking of those creative juices say, a listener has an idea fora topic episode or guess that you should even feature on the show. What'sthe best way for them to connect with you, probably the best way for them toconnect with us would either be through Linkedon, troy and myself are bothpretty prevalent on Linkedin, and that would be one of the quickest ways ojust you know, look up our names and N. I think you'll find us pretty quick oryou could actually go to the sponsor...

...websites with kaler solutions. It's aKayler, hyphen, Solutionscom or think patendedcom and you'd be able to get incontact with both of us there to give us your ideas for show subjects,amazing, and all of that information will be linked in the show notes belowand that actually wraps it up for our introductory episode, Bar andtroy willbe taking over the reins for episode one and beyond. Thank you guys so muchfor joining me today and I am so excited to see the show griwl as are w.We again have been crugating this for a couple of months now that it's here wehave wonderful interviewes that are lined up and wonderful topics that weare excited to broadcast to other marketers in our spere yeah. We're veryexcited about this, so thank you. FORHULP to their cheses you've been listening to the Higher EdMarketer to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the show inyour favorite podcast player. If you are listening, withapple podcast, we'dlove for you to leave a quick rating of...

...the show, simply tap the number ofstars. You think the PODCAST deserves until next time.

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