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The Higher Ed Marketer

Episode 11 · 4 months ago

Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Video in Higher Ed Marketing


Small to medium sized colleges, a lot of them private, all experience the challenge of trying to differentiate from public and other private schools.

This challenge makes it even more critical for colleges to align their marketing in a way that can impact the major driver of institutional revenue and growth: enrollment.

In this episode of The Higher Ed Marketer, Bart Caylor, President & Founder at Caylor Solutions Inc, and Troy Singer, Senior Account Executive at Think Patented, chat with Suzanne Petrusch, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Presbyterian College about:

- How the Central Marketing Organization came about.

- The people you need on your higher ed marketing team.

- How to use video in your admissions marketing.

- How COVID changed higher ed marketing, and strategies for 2021.

Know of a higher education marketing change agent you’d like to hear on the show? Does your university have an interesting story to be featured? Connect with Bart Caylor or Troy Singer. If you’re not on LinkedIn, check the Caylor Solutions or Think Patented websites instead!

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