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Episode 17 · 3 months ago

Accessible Admissions Starts with Reducing Friction


When you’re looking at changing the “way we’ve always done it,” you’re working to remove barriers and ultimately move your organization forward.

Being able to then communicate change as an advantage to both prospective students and internal stakeholders is a challenge. But it’s an important one for driving growth.

In this episode of The Higher Ed Marketer, Bart Caylor, President & Founder at Caylor Solutions Inc, and Troy Singer, Senior Account Executive at Think Patented, chat with James Steen, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist University, about how Houston Baptist went test-optional, and how they’ve been able to communicate the benefits of such a critical decision.

They also talked about:

- How test-optional makes admissions more accessible.

- How to approach merit awards without test scores.

- How test-optional reduces friction in the application process.

- How to market test-optional both externally and internally.

Know of a higher education marketing change agent you’d like to hear on the show? Does your university have an interesting story to be featured? Connect with Bart Caylor or Troy Singer. If you’re not on LinkedIn, check the Caylor Solutions or Think Patented websites instead!
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