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How to Improve Your Institution’s Inclusion Marketing


Think about your last webinar (or virtual lecture or virtual campus tour). Did you provide captioning? Did you optimize the captioning for Deaf participants? Did you make it clear to all participants that you were providing this service? 

Unless all three answers were yes, you need to make your marketing more inclusive. 

In this episode, we interview Courtney Cannon , Undergraduate Enrollment and Youth Marketing Strategist at Gallaudet University , about inclusion marketing. 

Join us as we discuss:

- How to decrease exclusive friction points (like captioning your webinars)

- The ways Gallaudet serves its diverse student community

- Understanding bilingualism among Deaf students

- The framework for building an inclusive marketing strategy: empathy 

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You were listening to the Higher Ed Marketer, a podcast geared towards marketing professionals in higher education. This show will tackle all sorts of questions related to student recruitment, don't a relations, marketing, trends, new technologies and so much more. If you are looking for conversations centered around where the industry is going, this podcast is for you. Let's get into the show. Welcome to the High Red Marketer podcast, where, each week, Mark Taylor from Kaylor solutions and my self, choice singer from think patented, interview high read marketers that we admire and we feel have something to bring to the higher a community. And this is a special episode. We are interviewing courtney cannon and she is with Galu debt university. Courtney reached out to us during our last Webinar and asked us if we could provide captioning because she is hearing impaired, which spurred along conversation because she was thankful we were able to do that around inclusive marketing and we felt that it was a message that should be brought to the entire community to better understand. Yeah, try. It's been a great journey with with Courtney and I I have to say that, because I have not had a lot of experience with the community and with those who are needing different opportunities like that, I was a little bit intimidated, I'll be honest. I when she first reached out and needed that. I wanted to do that and we found out how to do that. We utilizing zoom and a tool called Otter, and so we were able to accommodate that and she was so grateful for that. She said it was the first time she'd ever been to a Webinar that someone actually accommodated that, and so I was very proud of our team of being able to do that. But then afterwards I was following up with her and getting to know her better and and offering to review some things that Galu Dad and you know, I wasn't sure how to, you...

...know, engage, whether zoom was the way to do it or how that worked. It again, I just didn't know. And so it's been such a great journey to be able to get to know courtney, to be able to have some frank, honest conversations, and this is such a great podcast because, I mean, we did our pre interview and we did it through zoom and zoom as a tool that she uses every day, just like the rest of us, but she uses it in a way of being able to read the lips of the people that she's zooming with, and we have we have also accommodated with the fact of having not only when we have the conversations with Courtney, I turned the live capturing on so at least there's some capturing going on while she can read our lips, and so that's been great. And so it's been good to learn about a lot of things. She's really open my eyes to a lot of things that I did not understand, and so we are taking efforts to take this podcast and turn it into a youtube video that you can watch it. And so if you have a need for American sign language a courtney does respond in ASL and everything that she talks through, but we're also going to make sure that we caption everything that Courtney says. It's going to be a really good conversation. So I'm just so, so pleased and excited to be able to bring this conversation to everyone. Thank you, Bart and well said. Now we bring you courtney cannon. It is my pleasure to welcome courtney cannon. She is the undergraduate enrollment and youth programs marketing strategists for Galu de at university to the High Reed Marketer podcast. How are you doing this afternoon, Courtney? You keep having me here. I'm Domntate, happy a keeper. Well, we appreciate you being a part of our show. To get things started, I would love to let everyone know how we became friends and how we came up for the topic of the podcast. Courtney reached out when we had our last Webinar and wanted to know if we could have captioning, and it was the first time that we've had that question and Bart did everything he could to make sure that we had it...

...and in the follow up conversations, and as Courtney Express appreciation, it became very apparent that that's something that a lot of webinars don't have and we wanted to go into the conversation of inclusiveness in marketing. So Bart would love to for you to, from your perspective, kind of go into how we further connected with Courtney. Yes, thank you, troy. This has been a great conversation that we've started. We did a pre interview conversation with Courtney a couple weeks ago and one of the things that I wanted to talk with Courtney about especially was just the idea of being more sensitive and inclusive in the way that we do our marketing. Even in our brief conversation earlier I learned a lot about the importance of, even in zoom, leveraging kind of a plane background to make it easier for Courtney to be able to read my lips and being able to do those types of things, and so I thought it would be great to just understand a little bit more from Courtney's point of view about inclusive marketing. And so, Cortney, I'm curious you know, your experience, not only of being able to receive that inclusiveness but also as a marketer. How do you try to be more inclusive in the marketing that you're doing? It's a pint. I think he's a printed to clean empyone. Let me try to make something because I acceep how funny can learn more about how how to Quissie Mucky Robin run a last a party to tour, no more so, I mean a Mac actor, but teacher attack. They would be captured. The a made me back if they would try cut back to the recket shout peace to sign up for the Webinar as that's a fairy bad it...

...will be cut cut hip a shot that keep the press get the MACTI PUTT front of ham but to have elpen a had to navigate to that Fu to try to pick up if you would be accommodated room at the people of people. People have come to but because people happy, not. So it's a put it to show that we have a picnic, a ship. That's great. I like the idea that it's it's a little bit on the part of the marketer to make sure that they can show that they are inclusive. I like the idea that you said that you know, showing that somewhere in it, not not as it not as a postscript or an asterisk at the bottom of the page, but something to say this is a higher ad marketing Webinar for everyone. Comment. We are going to be including captioning for those who will need that, you know, and then tell about the story. I love that idea because I think that's a very small thing that could be done to really make it more inclusive for a lot of other folks. What are some of the things that you do at Galu that that help people feel more inclusive, whether it be from the death students that you serve or even from other areas throughout the university marketing dial it at university. Student put me much meat up ahead publically. He to those he's student, starting to become, say, cut supper who work at that M kitty. Have First we have video. Shall meet with but English captain. Next two easy. A bad...

...liquor, niless and be much would be keep that shall lie with English capsule. So, but the CAP plant beat to make sure how our plating out. Lato Pwapool clementated. To detect plant, we have a cut act that Canada rocks. But detect plant. Maybe go to her for that's a key us how to beat so that plant. So it's but he isn't meeting up hot and they have a picture video. Make sure that it's writ it be low. So bed dow maybything that after caps grow. That makes yes, that does actually. That's that's very good. I have read a lot of statistics lately that even videos that are utilized on Linkedin for those who can hear, they're still wanting captions because sometimes it's not appropriate to have the audio on, and so I think the captioning not only can be more of an inclusive way to do marketing, but it's just it's becoming a marketing technique that really needs to be done everywhere. He Cut. It's a pretty to know the last way to cap. You don't want even make sure that the caps would have been out the face and not copy the face, because the depth crystal valleys, these two be present at that's I eat puck up the silly Christo TEP Christ. So makey sure that the colors the capsin to to see it,...

...look to video. Sometimes have the cups and copy the hint that you kept see the sad at the cups. We just have to make sure that the cups would that's great. Thank you. Thank you. Try. Also, an earlier conversation courtinate, you express the importance that within the death community that there is a bi lingual being bilingual, and I had not heard or understood the concept until you explained that that it's important for one to not only be able to read lips but also be able to sign. But it's also surprising that there are a lot of deaf people who aren't proficient at one or the other and wanted to know if you could kind of explain the concept in the importance of bilingual proficiency within the death community. Now want to clear out something and we grow me show me in English. Not Reading that so sadly, just the Prami communication that community, that these community and act appreciation put up community English. It's a pretty to well, because it's a real want have it. Thanks equlish as the key show people work for people doing the job. Pamian bracket. That is an English cut. That's a pretty to pick up community because shun, we could has a fun dreamer, has a owned such effect. Spanish they have the own dreamer. Shame Tho, but sertainly it's a pretty for them to have. Why really, at the mean... The Sun Week to the top to new too, because of that crust. Thank you. That's very helpful to understand that better and we really appreciate that. What would you say as far as how can traditional hire it? I mean certainly Galu that serves a very specific community. How can the rest of higher ad because I if I recall correctly, the college you attended was not Galu at. It was I think it was Villanova. You know, there were ways that you needed to be able to be accommodated, not only through the inclusiveness in the marketing but also just the inclusiveness on campus. So, as higher ad marketers, what can we do to better serve our audiences, to be more inclusive? That's a treat for they own aspect cut. Maybe so it pressisted the Popula Shit that they so three video, three book, maybe it TPS. But the fuck mepos of the colored community. I think that for you, telly's apported to hear someone at that colored from a specific cuts. Maybe a plan puts here at least three someone in hunt to have big get it. That would be do you m not to tell it that you remember which to do a live to re telling, because there's so many different depth background. Some are hurry team, don't know how to Sun. Some Ada the only link to sell me. He didn't know how to read that. They be hand something big tween, some wild try to eat and not to. We can infirm heat at the spect. That's great.

Thank you, and that's just a reminder to that. Troy. I'm thinking about is the storytelling is such a big part of this and I love the fact that Courtney has talked encouraged us to do more storytelling through various means, whether it's video, pictures, other things that can be leveraged. But that reminds me of the conversation we have with JIM small a couple weeks ago from Notre Dame University that he talked about the importance of storytelling. So if you haven't heard that episode, be sure to go back and listen to that as well. Thank you, Barts Courtney. As we bring it to a close, would like to know if there are any other aspects of inclusive marketing that marketers should keep in mind as they are preparing their marketing communication. How much more attempt to be had? As long as you need, I think maybe the MUSTI TEX team. We if you Truk, the pictures show that they shoot. See how her birth to the she that you to me should maybe not a plot. How with being the Sha the infignation. How To make at them? I think the praticability, the pre background. Maybe try the pretty something they should have happened, to pass for, to pick the best. Try to Alisa, maybe have a cultiiciation, but appressive tim that community actually the same either. But me, you have a cultisation, but Comyn Mora seeing the community how to eat the thank you. Thank you very much. We really appreciate you being a guest on the hired marketer podcast. Have Nean to Howd it to be here? It is our pleasure. Bart.

Do you have any parting words? Yeah, a couple things that I wanted to point out, and I know that that courtney just kind of made a very good case for empathetic marketing. We talk about some of the best marketing is always going to be from a standpoint of being empathetic to our audience and whether that is what courtney kind of pointed out, is getting in the shoes of different communities, whether they are deaf community, whether it's a blind community, whether it's a disability community, or even if it's other communities like first generation college students or students of Latino and background, where maybe their parents don't speak English but they speak Spanish, really understanding how can we best accommodate, how can we best communicate and how can we best market to these different audiences with these different ways? I mean, we're not all the same and that's what makes the diversity of a university community so exciting is that we're not the same and I think as marketers it's our responsibility to understand that, to be empathetic and then make sure that we do things that are not creating friction for those people who need it. So, like Courtney said at the beginning, if we're going to make a Webinar, a captions available, let's put that up front so that she's not wasting an hour of her time trying to figure that out. And so I think that just again, it goes back to empathy, it goes back to understanding and being willing to learn about everybody else, and I think that's really the key and Courtney's thank you so much for spending time with us today. No problem, Courtney. We hope you don't mind if you have had fans that have been developed during this podcast, if we share your contact information, maybe in people reach out to you on Linkedin. Yeah, that's very good. Well again, that brings us to the end of another episode. The Higher Ed Marketer podcast is sponsored by Taylor Solutions,...

...a creative and Strategy Higher Ed Agency in Indianapolis, Indiana, and by thin patented, a Marketing Execution Company that is located in Dayton Ohio, on behalf of Bark Taylor and myself, Troye singer. Thank you very much for joining us today. You've been listening to the Higher Ed Marketer. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you're listening with apple PODCASTS, we'd love for you to leave a quick rating of the show. Simply tap the number of stars you think the podcast deserves. Until next time,.

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