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How to Improve Your Institution’s Inclusion Marketing


Think about your last webinar (or virtual lecture or virtual campus tour). Did you provide captioning? Did you optimize the captioning for Deaf participants? Did you make it clear to all participants that you were providing this service? 

Unless all three answers were yes, you need to make your marketing more inclusive. 

In this episode, we interview Courtney Cannon , Undergraduate Enrollment and Youth Marketing Strategist at Gallaudet University , about inclusion marketing. 

Join us as we discuss:

- How to decrease exclusive friction points (like captioning your webinars)

- The ways Gallaudet serves its diverse student community

- Understanding bilingualism among Deaf students

- The framework for building an inclusive marketing strategy: empathy 

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You were listening to the Higher EdMarketer, a podcast geared towards marketing professionals in highereducation. This show will tackle all sorts of questions related to studentrecruitment, donut relations, marketing, trans new technologies and so much more.If you are looking for conversation centered around where the industry isgoing, this podcast is for you, let's get into the show, welcome to the high red market ofpodcast, where each week Mark Taylor from Taylor, solutions and myself troysinger from thing patented interview, Higher Red Marketers that we admire andwe feel have something to bring to the higher a community, and this is aspecial episode. We are interviewing courtney cannon and she is with GalledUniversity Courtney reached out to us during our last webinars and asked usif we could provide captioning, because she is hearing impaired which, spurreda long conversation, because she was thankful. We were able to do thataround inclusive marketing and we felt that it was a message that should bebrought to the entire community to better understand. Yeah. Try It's beena great journey with with Courtney, and I I have to say that, because I have nothad a lot of experience with the death community and with those who areneeding different opportunities, like that, I was a little bit intimidated.I'll, be honest. I when she first reached out and needed that I wanted todo that and we found out how to do that. Welsing, zoom and a tool cut otter, andso we were able to accommodate that. She was so grateful for that. She saidit was the first time she'd ever been to a webinars that someone actually nowaccommodated that, and so I was very proud of our team of being able to dothat. But then afterwards, I was following up with her and getting Genoabetter and and offering to review some things that Galaad- and you know Iwasn't sure how to you know, engage...

...with the zoom was the way to do it orhow that worked. Did it again? I just didn't know, and so it's been such agreat journey to be able to get to know courtney to be able to have some frank,honest conversations and- and this is such a great podcast, because I mean wedid up pre interview and we did it through zoon and zoom as a tool thatshe uses every day, just like the rest of us, but she uses it in a way ofbeing able to read the lips of the people that she's resuming with, and wehave we've also accommodated with the fact of having not only when we havethe conversations with Courtney. I turn the live captioning on so at leastthere's some captioning going on Rashik and rule our lips, and so that's beengreat, and so it's been good to learn about a lot of things. She's reallyopened my eyes to a lot of things that I did not understand, and so we aretaking efforts to take this podcast and turn it into a youtube video that youcan watch it. And so, if you have a need for American sign, language,Courtney does respond in ASL and everything that she talks through, butwe're also going to make sure that we captured everything that Courtney saysit's going to be really good conversation, so I'm just so so pleasedand excited to be able to bring this conversation to everyone. Thank you,Barton Wells said now. We bring you courtney cannon. It is my pleasure to welcome court meCannon. She has done the graduate enrollment and youth programs marketingstrategists for Gallie University to the High Red Marketer podcast. How areyou doing this afternoon? Courtney e e having me yeah, I'm Goin, take happyACCUBE. Well, we appreciate you being a part ofour show to get thing started. I would love tolet everyone know how we became friends and how we came up for the topic of thepodcast corny reached out when we had our last webinars and wanted to know ifwe could have captioning, and it was the first time that we've had thatquestion and bark did everything he...

...could to make sure that we had it andin the follow up conversations and as Courtney Express appreciation, itbecame very apparent that that's something that a lot of webinars don'thave and we wanted to go into the conversation of inclusiveness inmarketing, so Bart would love to for you to from your perspective kind of gointo how we further connected with Courtney. Yes, thank you troy. This hasbeen a great conversation that we've started. We did a pre interview,conversation with Courtney a couple weeks ago, and one of the things that Iwanted to talk with Courtney about especially, was just the idea of youknow being more sensitive and inclusive in the way that we do our marketing.Even in our brief conversation earlier, I learned a lot about the importance ofeven in zoom leveraging kind of a plane background to make it easier for courtnets to be able to reead my lips and being able to to do those types ofthings, and so I thought it would be great to just understand a little bitmore from Courtney's point of view about inclusive marketing and so borney.I'm curious. You know your experience, not only of you know being able toreceive it that inclusiveness, but also as a marketer. How do you try to bemore inclusive in the marketing that you're doing it to think? I think he's a pointed to clean, evenan ye try to market something because o I a keep how funny to learn more abouthow a Tokio Makin, the Arab in the alcoholic lastic, the ponatis torn andTamasoma Mack had to a future a I would be kept the mate back as he would trycut a ratto, the RECATASI peered to...

...sign up for the babemaries a fairly bad.I may be Cap Packish to the PAT Etin makite top. Whatever how ma I but tohave the open hand to navigate to that fate, I tried to pick out a y would beaccommodated on. I think people are people, he don't have come Tom tit pickit out an happen with that. So it's a put to for that. I have a picnic. Ithat's great. I like the idea that it's it's a little bit on the part of themarketer to make sure that they can show that they are inclusive. I likethe idea that you said that you know showing that somewhere in it, not notas a not as a post script or an astric at the bottom of the page, butsomething to say this is a higher Ed Marketing Rebendar. For everyonecomment we are going to be including captioning for those who will need thatyou know and then tell about the the story. I love that idea because I thinkthat's a very small thing that could be done to really make it more inclusivefor a lot of other folks. What are some of the things that you do at Galadathat help people feel more inclusive, whether it be from the deaf studentsthat you serve or even from other areas throughout throughout the UniversityMarketing Tale? At invertation mat me tap a practicle heat little to Tho. He soonstudy to become sandy with a tapper who I get that capt mc a big, a pitial and shame is but incaptain...

...not to s bad Ni. reunition would bemate, kicked by Shimeis capture so, but he got planed et tio make sure how erfitting out to O LETA cover porpentine to detected. We have a Katakata EtatApproue to be out to her BORATA kill off how to pat to be that plant O itcheaper. I it made a cut and they had a pin make sure at that. It wit be now to be I on to to everything that a to cap to that makes yes. That does actuallythat's very good, and I have read a lot of statistics lately that even videosthat are utilized on linked in for those who can hear they're stillwanting captions, because sometimes it's not appropriate to have the audioon, and so I think the captioning not only can be more of an inclusive way todo marketing. But it's just it's becoming a marketing technique thatreally needs to be done everywhere, agypt at a quite to know the worstphase to capture you don't want even make sure that the Caper Ha bin out apace and not have the dish, because at Catolis is to be pressure at that I atPaotichiaou so maclise that the Calos the capture, I put a shed a...

...lot o some can have the Captin Capitan.You can see the son at the caps. We? U Have the mixture of that the captiuitegreat. Thank you. Thank you, troy also in earlier conversation, Courtney. Youexpress the importance that within the death community, that there is abilingual being bilingual and I had not heard or understood the concept untilyou explain that that is important for one to not only be able to read lipsbut also be able to sign, but it's also surprising that there are a lot of thatpeople who aren't proficient at one or the other and wanted to know if youcould kind of explain the concept in the importance of bilingual proficiencywithin the death community. How, but I declared- or something andniwot means Shaitan Eagles- now mean that so sadly, just is theprime communication. I detect community at the east comunity an act des Eat.Community English is a pit now, because at thewheel round heavy thick is Iles, have the key, so people work, who epitometop me back. That is a Eglis cut that a PITUMU. I shame I HAF A on dreamer has a woundfuck, it's that Spanish. It had the in Tame same diffunt. SAMAS is a Potitianword at a shine. We with the top...

...communitie big kind of that twist. Thank you.That's very helpful to understand that better, and we really appreciate that.What would you say as far as how can co traditional higher at Uman, certainlyvalued at serves a very specific community? How can the rest of HigherEd? Because if I recall correctly, the college you attended was not Gaudet, itwas, I think it was Villanova. You know there were ways that you needed to beable to be accommodated not only through the inclusiveness in themarketing, but also just inclusiveness on campus, so as higher ed marketers.What can we do to better serve our audiences to be more inclusive? It's a great futtit cut may be so itpaisibles to disern to video to to maybe it is, but the put meters of thecallet community at the deft tally is aflicted to hear someone at that cement.For I'm, a Specific Cape may be a plan. Put her this to someone. I want to you howbig an a that would be. The magnate tell it that Humiston a live to tellhim, because I sorely different death back Tom, that Ar Harlican do notHanson. Some are that I think only leave it to San my idin, no kind o needthat I have some in Pientio eat an Laf to I can inform heat. That's great!Thank you and that's just a reminder...

...too. That troy I'm thinking about isthe story telling is such a big part of this, and I love the fact that Courtneyhas talked and encouraged us to do more storytelling through various means,whether it's video pictures other things that can be leveraged, but thatreminds me of the conversation we had with Jim Small a couple weeks ago fromnoted university that he talked about the importance of storytelling. So ifyou haven't heard that episode be sure to go back and listen to that as well,thank you Bart Courtney, as we bring it to a close would like to know if thereare any other aspects of inclusive marketing, that marketers should keepin mind as they are preparing their marketing communication. How much Mo camp to be have as long asyou need, I think maybe the Mirtiet is. I t thepity show at the shoes she ha perpetim King Fishin, that intimation, maybe that I part how wild being shethe indignation, how to macaca them. I think the pratically tee back down whenI try to prey Santa the Shan have happey capathity pick at the bat, tryto think Alison, maybe have a Cartesio but accessit that community at Saneither. But me you have a can o face with a te man more Untin, the community,how to beat them. Thank you. Thank you very much. We really appreciate you being a gueston the hired marketer podcast. Having needs to had it to be here.

It is our pleasure Bart. Do you have any parting wordsyeah, a couple things that I wanted to point out, and I know that thatcourtney just kind of made a very good case for empathetic marketing. We talkabout some of the best marketing is always going to be from a standpoint ofbeing empathetic to our audience and whether that is what courtney kind ofpointed out is getting in the shoes of different communities, whether they are.You know deaf community, whether it's a blind community, whether it's adisability community or even, if it's other communities like first generationcollege students or students of Latino and background where maybe theirparents don't speak English, but they speak Spanish, really understanding.How can we best accommodate? How can we best communicate and how can we bestmarket to these different audiences? With these different ways, I mean we're not all the same andthat's what makes the diversity of a university the community so exciting.Is that we're not the same, and I think as marketers it's our responsibility tounderstand that to be empathetic and then make sure that we do things thatare not creating friction for those people who need it. So, like Courtneysaid at the beginning, if we're going to make a web in our captions available,let's put that up front so that she's not wasting an hour of her time, tryingto figure that out, and so I think that, just again it goes back to empathy. Itgoes back to understanding and being willing to learn about everybody else,and I think that's really the key and courtneys. Thank you so much forspending time with us today, Courtney. We hope you don't mind if youhave had fans that have been developed during this podcast. If we share yourcontact information, maybe can people reach out to you on linked in Yeah atthe fan club very good? Well again, that brings us to the endof another episode. The Higher Ed Marketer podcast is sponsored by taborsolutions, a creative and strategy...

...hiered agency in Indianapolis Indianaand by thing patented, a Marketing Execution Company that is located inDayton, Ohio on behalf of Bark Calor and myself, troy singer. Thank you verymuch for joining us today. You've been listening to the Higher EdMarketer to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the show inyour favorite podcast player. If you are listening, withoute podcast, we'dlove for you to leave a quick rating of the show, simply tap the number ofstars. You think the podcast deserves until next time E T.

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